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Our experienced team of industry leaders is skilled in the fields of real estate, investment, and wealth management. With decades of collective experience, we provide professional and innovative solutions to help you grow and protect your portfolio.

Our Team

Headshot of Mallory Meehan


Mallory Meehan

Mallory Meehan is the visionary behind Inspire Wealth Management and an enthusiastic real estate educator. With nearly 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Mallory has dedicated her career to teaching individuals about the transformative power of real estate investing.

Throughout her professional journey, Mallory has been involved in various aspects of real estate, including commercial and residential legal transactions, appraisal valuations, for sale by owner arrangements, short-term rentals, and other lucrative investment opportunities. Witnessing the gaps in the traditional property sales process, she has taken it upon herself to assist sellers in maximizing their wealth by harnessing the potential of creative financing tools. Her goal is to also empower aspiring homeowners who face obstacles imposed by bank financing or credit establishments ultimately become homeowners.

Inspire Wealth was founded with the purpose of offering comprehensive support to anyone aiming to sell or own property. Mallory understands the unique challenges and aspirations of individuals navigating the real estate landscape and is committed to providing tailored guidance and solutions. 

Mallory's educational background includes a bachelor's degree in marketing and finance from Penn State University. Building on her foundation, she further pursued her passion by obtaining a law degree and MBA. Currently residing in State College, PA, Mallory lives with her husband, Jon, and their daughter, Malia. Together, they cherish the joys of travel, attending sporting events, and actively participating in their community.

If you are seeking expert advice and assistance in real estate matters, Mallory and the Inspire Wealth Management team are here to guide you on your journey to wealth through real estate.

Headshot of Lillian Feist

Lillian Feist

Lillian is a Senior at Penn State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain and Information Systems, with minors in Information Systems Management and Real Estate Analysis and Development. As one of Mallory's previous students, Lillian has been immersed in the real estate market and has a strong foundational background to enhance user experience as the main marketing coordinator under Inspire Wealth Management. Furthermore, through her previous experience as a Procurement and Supply Chain intern, Lillian has gained the skills analytically to improve company systems and organize key metrics.


These skills are being utilized with Inspire Wealth Management, coupled from her previous knowledge in marketing segments, Lillian aims to use her previous knowledge and experience to gain visibility into the company, promote the brand to users, and create new avenues to spread awareness. 

Headshot of Carolyn Hearn

Carolyn Hearn

Carolyn Hearn is a junior at Penn State University, majoring in Real Estate. As a current student of Mallory's, Carolyn is enthusiastic to be working with Inspire Wealth Management, to put together all sorts of real estate deals.


The past two summers, Carolyn has been interning with Moss Home Solutions, in Massachusetts. Through working with MHS, she have gained tremendous exposure to private real estate investing, specifically wholesaling, flipping, and buy and hold. Her specific area of interest and knowledge is wholesaling, and even the acquisitions side of a wholesale deal. Carolyn worked heavily in lower income areas, typically "Class C "properties, and many of the tenants receive housing assistance. This niche part of real estate is what she would like to continue to pursue, especially in the PA markets.

Carolyn have aspirations to start her own wholesaling company one day, and working with INSPIRE wealth management is a fantastic opportunity to continue learning and growing amongst accomplished real estate professionals. She is proud and grateful to say that she brought and was able to close two deals for my internship this past summer, and I plan on keeping the momentum going within these markets!

Let’s Start Building Your Wealth

Inspire Wealth is committed to providing exceptional customer service and putting our clients first. Contact us today to learn more about our private consulting services and take the first step towards building your wealth through real estate investment.

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