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Tax Advantage 6 Week Bootcamp

Weekly Bootcamp
Inspire Wealth Education's 6-week Real Estate Bootcamp

Ready to delve into the world of real estate but unsure where to start? Inspire Wealth Education invites you to join our 6-week boot camp designed to give individuals like you with the knowledge to kickstart your real estate journey.


Register for Bootcamp

May 21st to June 25th

Every Tuesday at Noon EST

May 21st to June 25th

Every Tuesday at 5PM EST

Course Setup

One Session Per Week

Weekly (on Tuesdays at Noon or 5pm EST), we'll conduct live sessions delving into a diverse array of sought-after real estate topics, as highlighted below. By covering a wide spectrum of subjects, participants will develop a comprehensive understanding, empowering them to confidently pursue their real estate ventures.

Reading Materials & Resources Provided

Following each session, you will receive comprehensive materials and resources covering the topics discussed, along with additional information to support your assignments and further enhance your understanding. 

Discussions with Q&A

To ensure participants thoroughly understand the material and feel equipped to handle their weekly assignments, our real estate training program integrates interactive discussions and a targeted question-and-answer segment. Moreover, individuals will have the opportunity to consult with our instructor regarding their personal real estate endeavors.

Individualized Assignments, Quizzes, Final Project

Additionally, participants will receive personalized assignments tailored to their specific needs. Alongside each topic, quizzes and a final project will be provided. This customized approach ensures a clear understanding of how these real estate topics directly relate to individual lives and goals.


Week 1: Introduction to Real Estate and Taxes

Objective: Understand the basics of real estate investment and how it interacts

with the tax system.


  • Overview of real estate investment types (residential, commercial, industrial, land).

  • Basic principles of the tax system relevant to real estate.

  • Introduction to tax advantages as a concept in real estate investment.

Week 2: Fundamentals of Real Estate Taxation

Objective: Gain a solid understanding of how real estate is taxed, including

common terminologies and tax obligations.


  • Property taxes: How they work, who pays them, and how they are calculated.

  • Income taxes related to real estate: Rental income, capital gains.

  • Depreciation: What it is and how it benefits real estate owners.

Week 3: Tax Advantages of Owning Real Estate

Objective: Dive deep into the specific tax benefits associated with real estate



  • Mortgage interest deductions.

  • Property tax deductions.

  • Depreciation benefits and how to calculate them.

  • 1031 exchanges: Deferring capital gains tax.

Week 4: Specialized Tax Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Objective: Explore advanced tax strategies that can maximize the benefits of

real estate investments.


  • Cost segregation studies to accelerate depreciation.

  • Passive income and losses: Rules and applications.

  • Real Estate Professional Status (REPS): Requirements and benefits.

  • Opportunity Zones and other tax incentive programs.

Week 5: Tax Planning and Compliance for Real Estate Investors

Objective: Learn about tax planning and compliance to optimize tax benefits

while adhering to legal requirements.


  • Record-keeping and documentation for real estate investments.

  • Tax filings specific to real estate owners.

  • Avoiding common tax pitfalls and audits.

  • Working with professionals: Accountants, tax advisors, and attorneys.

Week 6: Real-World Applications and Case Studies

Objective: Apply learned concepts through case studies and real-world

scenarios to reinforce understanding.


  • Analyzing real estate investment opportunities from a tax perspective.

  • Case studies: Successful tax strategies employed by real estate investors.

  • Group project: Create a tax plan for a hypothetical real estate investment.

  • Q&A session with a tax professional or successful real estate investor.

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