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Real Estate Bootcamp

Registration is open!

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Prices Starting at $299
Inspire Wealth Education's 6-week Real Estate Bootcamp


Ready to delve into the world of real estate but unsure where to start? Inspire Wealth Education invites you to join our 6-week boot camp designed to give individuals like you with the knowledge to kickstart your real estate journey.

6 Week Bootcamp Session Topics

TAX scrabble letters with a pen and calculator
Tax Advantages
Word art with business related terms
Business Entity Selection

Bootcamp Coming Soon 2024

Gavel with a Real Estate Law text book underneath
Landlord/Tenant Law

Bootcamp Coming Soon 2024

Contract with a pen
Financial Modeling

Bootcamp Coming Soon 2024

Spreadsheet with charts and graphs and a magnifying glass over top
Market/Property Valuation

Bootcamp Coming Soon 2024

For Sale Sign in front of a house
STR, MTR, LTR pros/cons

Meet the Instructor!

Mallory Meehan


Mallory Meehan is the visionary behind Inspire Wealth Management and an enthusiastic real estate educator. With nearly 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Mallory has dedicated her career to teaching individuals about the transformative power of real estate investing.

Mallory's educational background includes a bachelor's degree in marketing and finance from Penn State University. Building on her foundation, she further pursued her passion by obtaining a law degree and MBA. Throughout her professional journey, Mallory has been involved in various aspects of real estate, including commercial and residential legal transactions, appraisal valuations, for-sale-by-owner arrangements, short-term rentals, and other lucrative investment opportunities. Witnessing the gaps in the traditional property sales process, she has taken it upon herself to assist sellers in maximizing their wealth by harnessing the potential of creative financing tools. Her goal is to also empower aspiring homeowners who face obstacles imposed by bank financing or credit establishments to ultimately become homeowners.


Inspire Wealth was founded to offer comprehensive support to anyone aiming to sell or own property. Mallory understands the unique challenges and aspirations of individuals navigating the real estate landscape and is committed to providing tailored guidance and solutions. 

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